Covid-19 Food Relief

Support for the neediest during Covid-19 pandemic in India.

Dear Shanti India Friends,

Due to devastating pandemic of COVID-19 people are not only loosing their lives but also their livelihoods. This especially applies to the poorest population of Bodhgaya, heavily depending on foreign tourists as a source of their daily income. Since international and national tourism totally collapsed in India, many families of our students have been left with no ways to support themselves.

Since the beginning of the pandemic Shanti India has been taking actions and measures to provide food for Shanti India Children families and many other most needy families too.

Until today, Shanti India has delivered food to around 8100 people.

The bags given them contain sufficient food to feed 5 people for one month with non-perishable goods such as: 25 kg of rice25 kg wheat flour5 kg lentils3 kg potatoes1-litre oil1 kg salt100 g turmeric powder. The cost of one bag is 30 EUR.

We go on providing our food support to the neediest. We have also provided 160 warm blankets for winter to those who need them the most.

We are aware that the situation in all over the world is complicated and for this very reason we are most grateful for your support. We have received many messages from members worried about the situation in India and encouraging us to keep on with the good work. 

Thank you to all of you for your wonderful support!

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