Make a donation

Make a donation

Regular contributions best support our effort because they give us the opportunity to plan enrollment ahead of time and to buy appropriate supplies. Nonetheless, one-time contributions as well as extraordinary financial supports are also welcome and encouraged.

Financial contributions can benefit the cause of your choice! 

Please contact us if you want to sponsor a child or wish to donate for any other cause:

We encourage you to advertise our association, our actions and project to your friends, family members and to everyone around you!

Payment options

Automatic payments

This is the preferred option as it allows us to plan investments ahead of time. An annual payment should be considered if possible as this option drives the transfer fees down (except if your bank is LCL France, in which case there is no transfer fees).

Available options:

  • Donorbox plugin on our website (recommended)
    Payment methods: (Paypal, All Credit and Debit Cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay and more…)
  • Bank transfer using recurring payment.

Additional info:
SHANTI INDIA’s RIB (host country: France) will be sent to you upon request (send request to ). 

Bank transfer

Available options:

  • Bank account in France 

Additional info:

SHANTI INDIA’s RIB (host country: France) will be sent to you upon request (send request to ). 

  • Indian account of Shanti India

Additional info:

Shanti India is authorized to receive donations in foreign currency.

State Bank of India
Bodhgaya (824231), Gaya, Bihar, India, Branch code: 2739

Account no.: 31145387210
Swift code: SBININBB590
Branch code: SBIN0002739
Name of Beneficiary: Shanti India Charitable Association


Please send check to:

Dominique Valli
20137 Corse, France
Phone number: 00 33 (0)4 95 72 03 08

Donors, sponsors automatically become members of the association.
Any contribution, however small, is welcome!