Furnishing the school building
with all the necessary equipment!

Help us to finish our school building – make it safe and fully functional.

Thanks to the generosity of many good and compassionate people in just two years we were able to rise the funds to buy the land and build our own school. You can find the list of our wonderful donors at the bottom of this page.

Now we can embark on the third part of the journey – furnishing the school building with all the necessary equipment!

In April 2020 we moved our school from the old, rented house to our beautiful new building. Even though it was not finished yet, we decided not to extend the contract for the old school in order to save money on the rent. Apart from that, the old building had become too small to fit our growing number of students (in the last school year we admitted 240 more underpriviledged children from Bodhgaya, which suffered heavily from the pandemics and global economic instability). In the course of the construction we realized that due to the rapidly increasing number of our students the planned building will not accommodate all of them. Therefore we decided to add one more floor which increased the cost of the building by 45.000 Euro. We had covered that amount from our running budget, because we could not wait for the money to be fundraised – the prize of building materials had been raising very quickly so we had been racing against time.

Even though we already started teaching in our new building, the school is not ready yet.
Except for compensating for the costs of additional floor we need funds for finishing and furnishing the school with all the necessary equipment which will make the building safe and fully functional. These include: painting the outside and inside walls, new benches, teachers’ desks and chairs, cupboards, surveillance system, power generator and inverters, computer lab, projection room, library,  cleaning equipment, medical aid supplies etc. We estimate these to cost 65.000 Euro.

So together with the additional floor we need to collect 110.000 Euro more to cover all the costs of our new school.

Encouraged by relatively short time during which we were able to rise the funds to buy the land and build the school, we believe that with your help and big hearts we will be able to accomplish this goal as well. Every little donation counts!

Dear Shanti India godmothers and godfathers, today the children of Bodhgaya need each and all of us more than ever to allow this project to be finished! It is with all our faith in your generosity that we address this request to you on behalf of all the children who will benefit from it.

We would like to thank all the donors that contributed to our cause of buying the land and constructing our school:

Anne Vanderschueren, Gilles Wurtz , Morgan Tymen (Association Akkhaya), Claire Sangye & Association Les Enfants Du Lotus, Jaroslaw Stawirej, Wouter de Weerd, Chantal Collin, Arnaud Collin and Corinne Tranchat Collin , Sandra Ahmadi-Patek, Nana and Family (Yoga-for-the-World), Katharina Fitsch, Jo White, Steve Globey, Inma Balbás, Jen-ni Hsia, Tony Cape, Mickael Jamas, Stephanie Conrad, Odile Thieriot, Bernhard Osswald, Sylvain Le Meur Pause, Chantal Girodon-Boulandet, Margaret Loyon, Timothy Schipper, Ray Nukada, Shirwin Hu, Philipp Bammes, Thee Phromphol, Fred Hosea, Jurij Longhi, Vadim Dmitriev, Shining Hope Foundation A.S.B.L., Julia Delavier, Nicolas Legein, Patrick Roussey, Fae & Denis, Martine Dicorrado, Kim Visser and Beatrix Schennach, Secours Populare, Jean-Louis Rossat, Patricia Klouz, Jaqueline Homany, Emmanuelle Ary, Ambroggi Jerome, Irmtraud Hubatschek, Vidur, Wolfgang Karin & Friends, Gavan Lee, Paola Valencich, and all the anonymous donors.

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Payments Options

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