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Regular sponsoring is the best way to support children. It gives them confidence that their educational prospects are secured and encourages them to work hard to achieve their goals.

Please note: Lists are regularly updated. Check daily for new records.

Sponsoring one of the 719 students of SHANTI INDIA school contributes to our action as a whole. For high school students (> class 10), your donation will be used entirely to cover their college, university or specialized institutions fee and exams, private tuition, textbooks, school equipment and transportation costs.


They lift children out of poverty in our community by empowering them through education and giving them the opportunity to build for themselves the life they deserve.

Sponsored children

They help and benefit their parents, siblings and communities as a whole through shared knowledge and education, thus increasing the happiness of many, including that of their benefactors. Achievements of some of our alumni can be found here: Success Stories.

Additional information

  • Sponsors receive our newsletter every 3 months through email.
  • Sponsors can meet and communicate with students:
    SHANTI INDIA offers all sponsors the opportunity to follow closely our school, its evolution, our different actions, as well as the progress of the children from our community. Skype calls are possible every day except Sunday, at the time of classes, varying according the weather: in the winter from 8am to 1.30pm and in the summer from 6am to 12.30pm (sometimes to 11.30am when ordered by government because of the heat).

Payment Options

Payments Options

Financial contributions can benefit the cause of your choice!

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Donors, sponsors automatically become members of the association.
Any contribution, however small, is welcome!