This project was born in the heart to help others...


Universal Values

If you want others to be happy, practice compassion

Dominique VALLI – the founder and director of  SHANTI INDIA school – is a practicing Buddhist inspired by the Buddhist teachings of compassion. From the very start, the project came along with the blessing of H.H KARMAPA and the famous teacher MINGYUR Rinpoche. However Dominique makes sure that the values of the school are universal and rooted in the secular ethics advocated and actively promoted by H.H DALAI LAMA. 

“Our only religion is love” is the school’s credo.


Our Leadership Team

Dedicated team of professionals who make it all happen.

Dominique Valli

Founder and Director of SHANTI INDIA

In 2006 she came to Bodhgaya to follow Buddhism teachings. Seeing the misery and poverty around her, she decided to act upon her compassion in addition and spent her personal savings to set up the school for the underprivileged children. Now she makes sure that the quality of the education provided to them is on the best possible level. She also does her best to secure the school financially by looking for sponsors and alternative source of funding.

Dominique splits her time between India and Corsica, where she comes from.

Anuj Kumar


Anuj is fully dedicated to helping the children of Bodhgaya, whom he genuinely understands, given that he himself benefited from the support of SHANTI INDIA to pursue his own dreams. He has a degree in “Rural development” from Magadh University at Bodhgaya. In order to better serve rural populations, Anuj plans on getting trained on permaculture. He is a very good example for the students as he puts all his energy to help others and achieved his goals by studying and hard work.

Ravi Kumar

SHANTI INDIA School Principal

Ravi comes from a village near Bodhgaya and spends countless hours at the school to assist students in every possible way. His belief in the project and enthusiasm have been spreading positively throughout our community ever since he joined SHANTI INDIA. His kindness and patience make him a true role model for all the students.


Our Educational Team

Our teachers apply their skills and hearts to give the best education to our students.

Anisha Kumari

Aditya Kumar

Anuj Kumar

Vikrant Kumar

Puja Kumari

Abhimanyu Kumar

Dhananjay Kumar

Vicky Kumar

Poonam Kumari

Manish Kumar

Navin Kumar

Raushan Kumar

Ravi Kumar

Kuldip Kumar

Ruby Kumari

Sintu Kumari

Manish Singh

Shikha Singh

Sujeet Kumar

Rahul Kumar

Sunil Kumar

Shubham Kumar

Purooshotam Kumar

Neha Kumari


Learn more about
Shanti India School

This short documentary was shot a couple of years ago. Since then  Shanti India has been transformed into the full-time school and now provides education to 480 children. It has become very popular in Bodhgaya, a lot of parents want their children to attend our school. Unfortunately our resources are limited and  we can’t offer a place to all of them. In order to further develop and help more children we need constant support of good people who can share their means with those less fortunate. Open your heart, it will make you happy!