Our Future

The future of our school depends on various factors but the main one is sustainable financing. We realize that in order to carry on our mission we have to develop and adjust to changing conditions. We should not rely only on our sponsors but seek alternative sources of income as well as the ways to save money.

We’ve already set up a GUEST HOUSE which generates some extra money to run the school: www.taraguesthouse.co.in

We want to develop in the following areas:

1. Finish our own School

 Thanks to the generosity of many good and compassionate people we were able to rise the funds for the land and build our own the school. And we have already embarked on the third part of the journey – finishing the construction and fully equipping the school building!

2. Develop permaculture cultivation

Permaculture is financially and ecologically sustainable ecosystem model that aims to meet most of people’s needs and to provide food security. We’ve already started to develop our own permaculture cultivations. The crops are used in our guest house kitchen as well as can be sold to generate extra revenue.

3. Create a permaculture teaching center

We strongly believe that permaculture fosters abundant and sustainable production and offers a promising path to self-sufficiency, especially with respect to food. That’s why the idea of permaculture should be spread around local farmers. But in order to meet that goal we need to train our teachers (1) at BijaVidyapeeth University, created by Vandana Shiva in the state of Uttarakandh, north east of Dehli, and (2) at Auroville University, which has a permaculture program.


What is permaculture?

Permaculture is based on the long-term observation of natural systems that are viable and sustainable in the absence of human intervention, such as forests.

The founding principles of permaculture stem from this thoughtful observation and aim to recreate natural ecosystems that are ecologically and financially sustainable, where humans work in harmony with nature, as opposed to at the expense of nature.

“To be successful, changes need to take place in our fundamental philosophy.”
 ~Fukuoka, La révolution d’un seul brin de paille.

The three fundamental principles present in most traditional societies are: taking care of land, looking after humans and sharing equitably.

“Ethical principles are mechanisms coming from our cultural evolution that mitigate our instinctive selfishness and allow us to better understand the good and bad consequences of our actions. The more powerful humanity becomes, the more important ethics will be to ensure our long-term biological and cultural survival.

The ethical principles of permaculture are based on research about the ethical foundations of communities and were inspired by peoples who have managed to live in harmony with their environment much longer than current civilizations. This does not mean that we should forget the important teachings of modern times, but to achieve the transition to a sustainable future, we need to embrace values and concepts that are outside of current cultural norms.“

We need your help to achieve this goals!

Tomorrow’s world will be what we make of it, and we need to start building it today.
We can choose to make it a better world, and it’s on each of us to give this change its best chances.
Thank you for your interest in this project, in which we pour our heart, and for your help in its realization!